Xenuine Anti-cheat | PUBG

Posted on Feb 19, 2018

Titled ‘Xenuine’ the new anti-cheat by PUBG Corporation the owners of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ‘PUBG’ which has been developed to run along side the failing Battle-Eye anti-cheat. Announcement

This anti-cheat after taking a brief look seems to only operate in Ring3 (Usermode) meaning that there is no Ring0 (Kernel) component.

Utilizing this technique: https://github.com/changeofpace/Self-Remapping-Code

They are protecting their game executable code from being touched, on top of that they are doing something which will catch any allocated memory marked as ReadWriteExecute with an exact detail of what instruction and/or process wrote or caused the detection which is surprisingly good for a ring3 anticheat.

I will be doing more research into this, for now here is my post on UnknownCheats about it: