Valve got it wrong once again

Posted on Jun 25, 2016

So you may remember the incident from a long time back when a whole bunch of Modern Warfare 2 users got VAC banned for no reason.

For those who haven’t been following the VAC team they have been in somewhat of a hibernation over the past months as VAC bans handed out were not targeting specific P2Cs (Pay 2 Cheat). However more recently they have come back and are now actively targeting cheat providers again. The last update to Steam shows that VAC3 is now loaded when you sign into an account this isn’t really an issue if you know the ways around it (I have a VAC disabler in the works coming soon to but they are more aggressively scanning for cheat software now before a VAC secured game is even launched.

This aggression has shown some downside as some false positives were in fact stated by the VAC team today on reddit.

Research work on VAC and such will most likely be posted on UnknownCheats or this blog if you are interested.