[REL]Cheat Engine Trainer Decryptor/Unpacker

Posted on Nov 5, 2015

So someone uploaded a pretty dodgy looking binary to unknowncheats.me and since I moderate the uploaded files and determine if they are safe or not I decided to take a look at the particular submission, turned out to be a safe Cheat Engine trainer (sfx). Cheat Engine allows you to create trainers which include the Cheat Engine base along with the Cheat Engine table which stores the basic offsets and memory edits a user would of created, they allow this to be saved in an ‘encrypted’ manner to stop script kiddies from stealing each others CE tables. The author stated in the source code that this is very trivial however stops most of the idiots who have no idea what they are doing stealing tables. Anyway I wrote a small tool to automatically decrypt them back into plaintext xml. Sorry kids no binary here 🙂


Source Code