Fox Engine Tool - We have bones!

Posted on Jan 10, 2015

Chico says hi!


Kojima productions seems to store bone data like so:

        [DebuggerDisplay("idx = {idx} name = {name}")]
        public class foxBone
            public int16  idx; //name of string also
            public int16 parent;

            public Vector4 bonePos;
            public Quaternion boneRot;

Now I don’t exactly know whats going on here because my first attempt didn’t work using that quaternion so I re-wrote my matrix class in C# which was originally written in VB.NET and ancient as hell.

I ended up zeroing out the bone rotations (for now) since I have no clue what format they are storing the quat in.

After messing around with bones with the help of chrrox and jayk I was able to get skinning working and exported to SMD.