TitanFall VPKTool Information

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

So the beta’s nearly over and the game should be patched and fixed for a March release.

vpk tool

I’ve been working on getting extraction capabilities for the TitanFall VPK Tool to extract all those game assets. Alot of people have been asking, when are you releasing this? Along with Russian’s emailing me about getting the text localized for their country or something anyway basically here is whats going on.

  • VPK Tool extraction works now thanks and actually a shout-out to Vbitz and Zench for their help with this tool.
  • Sound extraction is still iffy and I will need to look at that.
  • There are compatibility issues here and there especially the game’s VTF textures and MDL model formats
  • My tool still needs work here and there to fix up some UI glitches

So all in all I’ve decided to delay the update release to the launch date of the game itself. So Day1 of Titanfalls release should see the VPKTools Initial main release which will support extracting content only. Prior to the game’s release EA or Respawn may/may not change up the way the formats and data structures are stored depending on what happens (eg. titanfall content flying around in garry’s mod etc) not sure how they feel about it so to play it safe I’m not releasing anything to the public until the game’s release. This way I can brush up on the tool, maybe add support for repackaging, ZeqMacaw can work on crowbar support for decompiling the models and yeah everything should go smoothly. So that said I’ll be keeping twitter updated and this blog with pictures info etc, come around the first of March ill throw up a WIP thread on facepunch.

Look forward to it 😀