Metal Gear Solid 5 GZ (Fox Engine)

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

I played this game briefly before leaving for my Christmas holidays, when I got back I saw that someone had already managed to figure out the package format they use. “g0s” Extracting the files it seems they have used zlib chunks on textures .ftex. Heres something funny, on top of the encryption the package archives use they xor encrypt their shader files… It’s a dead giveaway when you open the shader binary up in a hex editor.

For example GrModelShaders\_dx11.fsop you notice the 0x9c repeated and repeated.

Lets Xor that selection of bytes by 0x9C see what happens.

😎 Easy right?

Heres an overview of what their model format looks like (FMDL). Pretty straight forward..