Alien Isolation (Omodel) Progress (Vertices/UVs/Textures)

Posted on Nov 26, 2014

General Progress Info

Progress has been slow for Alien Isolation since I’ve been busy with other things however a friend of mine volfin has been helping out with this project. We have been working on the model pak files which store the level geometry props and characters. The devs seem to love storing data in separate files as the paks themselves only contain the vertices and faces for each model. Omodels as I like to call them store a piece of a model mesh though sometimes they just contain the entire model itself like in the example mesh I’m about to talk about below.


As evident from the ninjaripper mesh rips the vertices seem to be at a very small scale which could only mean one thing, they are packing them. Turns out this was in fact what was happening, same goes for the UVs. The only problem right now that needs to be fixed to automate the extraction process is to figure out where they are storing the information that determines the size for the dynamic vertex buffers. Since DX11 doesn’t have a FVF (Flexible Vertex Format) structure there must be something else denoting this which is what we are working on..

Example Mesh (Sumo.obj) Omodel4874


3DS Max